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Shared Life

As a community we worship, work and live together. We aspire to have:
Life-giving worship in which we:

express our devotion to God,
re-story ourselves in God’s story,
listen to the voice of God,
and express our needs to the Lord

Sympathetic care for one another in which:

Provide encouragement and support in times of need.
Nurture faith
Honour each other
Pray for each other

Faithful stewardship in which we:

use time, money and abilities to honour God
use the gifts of God to build the Kingdom of God
develop the gifts we are given
care for the environment and gifts we have received

Spirit-filled faith nurture in which we:

share our faith with our neighbours
continually learn the “ways of God”

Continual prayer in which we:

celebrate with thanks the gifts of God
lift up the needs for our service for God
lift up the needs & concerns of our members
seek the peace of our community & its leaders
Just talk to God

Diligent service in which we:

serve the needs of our neighbours – near and far
develop and use our gifts
promote justice at home and abroad

Loving Unity in which we:

Protect the “oneness” of the congregation
Seek relationships with other Christians locally
Participate in denominational activities
Developing relationship with Christians around the globe