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Living Between the Trees

THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETE.  The information below gives an overview of what we did and when we did it!
Living Between the Trees: Awakening Our Creativity

A year-long exploration of creativity and who we are as image-bearers of a creative God.  Join us in delighting, creating, collaborating, understanding and celebrating the arts.

Why are we doing “art” in the church? God, who made us in His image, is creative and He made us to reflect Him. We are His image-creating and creative people! WOW! Sometimes we don’t believe that about ourselves – the being creative part – but we hope through this year-long project you will be awakened to the creativity within you. And we hope you will understand that using these gifts honors the Creator and serves the community.

We encourage you to listen to the 6 sermons (October 16 - November 20) on Creativity, which are archived on this website here.

Throughout the year we will have various workshops.  

TEAM WORK ART: IDEA GENERATING DAY Sunday January 22 2017: Karen Tamminga-Paton will guide us in designing and making an art piece for the foyer. This is a project we’re making as an entire congregation. We will need all of you! Painters, sculptors, welders, textile and wood workers, leather, glass and metal workers: come explore your creative skills and/or learn new ones. All ages strongly encouraged to come. Lunch provided.

YOU GOT THE SKILLZ! WORKSHOPS Saturday March 18 2107: A day of interactive workshops led by members of our church who are willing to share their creative gifts with those of us who desire to learn. Details to follow. If you have skills you want to share, please inform Klaaske. 

TEAM WORK ART  April 1-2 2017 Karen will help us put finishing touches n our project, in preparation for installation.

INSTALLATION: May 6 2017: We hope to install our main installation this weekend.  Check back for details!

CELEBRATION OF CREATIVITY SUNDAY June 11 This Sunday will include a celebratory meal, sharing of the work done, and an exploration of how this has helped us awaken our creative gifts and become more like our Creator. 

This program is made possible through a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.